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  1. Texas Dirty Stoner Vlad Annenkov 3:37
  2. Hip Hop And Rock Cinematic Ikoliks 3:39
  3. Stylish Powerful Indie Rock Octo Sound 5:47
  4. Sport Promo Bearstockmusic 6:10
  5. Inspiring Piano Juqboxmusic 7:35
  6. Upbeat Sport Rock Cinematic Alex 3:29


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Herion. A Complete Music WordPress Theme.

Herion is a music oriented WordPress theme. When you don’t have a lot of content to show, a one page website is the best way to go. It is perfect to present your band or your brand online in an elegant way. Your featured playlist, your discography, tour dates, last photos and videos, your merchandising… the visitors can immediately check the most important informations.

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Give this theme your own feel is very easy. For each sections, you can set your own background, your color tone and even set a cool video as background. You can put any content in your sections and re-order them very easily.

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Integrate your Spotify, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter feed very easily to keep your website up-to-date directly from your favorite social platforms.



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